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iii This site was created using Dreamweaver version 4 by Macromedia. Although it is best viewed in Microsoft's Windows Explorer, it does have Netscape Navigator plugin support. Some issues arise when using versions of WebTV, including the system's inability to play embedded audio. We have been unable to find a workaround for this, so users of this service may have to scroll to the bottom of the page and manually play the embedded audio files.

iii The artwork for this web site was created by Phantasm's director and founder, Dave Considine. Copyrights are pending.

iii We have carefully selected audio files that we feel suited the overall tone of individual pages. The wav. sites are acknowledged on our links page, but in most cases the actual authors are unknown. The selection for "Amazing Grace" is Enya's 'May It Be', from the Lord of the Rings soundtrack, although the wav. was actually acquired elsewhere. Various pieces from Midnight Syndicate are also featured here (see links).

iii Pictures featured on this site are the sole property of Phantasm Psychic Research, with the exceptions of the 'Spirits and People' page, where the families have graciously furnished us with copies. Also, the first picture on the 'Cemetery Photos' page is the property of Jo Ann Poe-McGavin.

...Phantasm Psychic Research is proud to participate in the 'Amber Alert' program. The 'ticker' at the top of each page will alert readers immediately when an Amber Alert is issued regarding a missing or abducted child.

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iii The Phantasm Psychic Research team


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