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Left to right: courtesy of JoAnn Poe-McGavin, a hooded spirit form is captured in a window with psychic mist at a renovated house. Psychic mist in graveyards by Barbie Heid (1) and Dave Considine (3).

In this sequence by Dave Considine, a spirit attempts to manifest. A binding was necessary to keep it from taking physical form.

 stepney snowball watermarked and cropped.jpg (53270 bytes)  . East Haven Cemetery orbs by Trish watermarked and cropped.jpg (26450 bytes)  Globule over tombstones with frame watermarked and cropped.jpg (77785 bytes)  orbs in Madison Cemetery watermarked and cropped.jpg (111358 bytes) 

  Branford High school by Trish watermarked and cropped.jpg (37036 bytes)  Giant orb by Trish watermarked and cropped.jpg (39265 bytes)  

Globules, by Barbie Heid (2), Tricia Arthur, Barbara Considine (4) and again by Arthur. The seventh photo was taken at a football field where two people were struck by lightening. One did not survive.

The chances of photographing psychic activity increase greatly when people are in the area, as illustrated in these two photos below by Barbara Considine.


In the first photo, the crypt is photographed and no activity is present. But when Dave Considine is photographed in front of the crypt in the second photo, a large amount of psychic mist is captured around him in the picture.

Below, a classic 'graveyard ghost' by Dave Considine, dancing among the headstones, and a vortex by Julie Yarsawich.

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