(Phantasm PSI photo by Patricia Arthur)

A ghost hunter's paradise ...

   The home above was once a stately mansion, but now lies in a state of disrepair. Why? The antics of the ghostly inhabitants finally drove the family out.

   Built in the 1920's by a wealthy stockbroker, this home, with its elegantly landscaped grounds and chandeliered dining rooms, was once the scene of formal dinners and parties for the area's elite and famous.

   When the stock market crashed the owner lost all, and was forced to sell it. The home has been in the current owner's family since the 1970's.

   But it now sits uninhabited, the house and property for sale. The owners have since moved out of state, but wanted to know once and for all - who, or what, had they shared their home with all these years? They asked Phantasm PSI to investigate it.

   The family relayed to us many accounts of ghostly phenomena that had occurred since they took up residence there. Dark figures were seen running in the hall, the sound of footsteps could be heard on the stairs at night, and a chilling cold would occasionally surround them.

   Most disturbing, they said, was the occasional sighting of a glowing figure on the grounds, sometimes accompanied by what looked like a large black dog.

   Finally, five years ago, the family could take no more and relocated. They asked a friend if he would stay in the guest cottage to keep an eye on the property while it was up for sale. He agreed, and the arrangement benefited everyone.

   Until one night, when the family received a frantic telephone call from him. Casually glancing out of his window, he looked towards the main house, and was frozen in terror. He could clearly see a glowing figure walking across the lawn, coming down the path from the mansion - and headed straight towards the cottage.

   When he was finally able to move, he fled through the back door. He went back for his belongings the next day and never returned.

   Investigating this particular house afforded us a truly unique opportunity - being unoccupied, we could study it at our leisure, filming and photographing day or night. The family left us the keys and wished us good luck.

   But whatever resided in this house apparently didn't like being under a literal microscope.

  From the start, we were plagued by all kinds problems. On our first outing, we could not get the power to go on in the house, although there was no mechanical failure it could be attributed to. The owner even contacted the power company, who assured him that the house was receiving electricity.

   Arriving for our second overnight study, we had power, but now equipment that had been checked and double checked suddenly failed to work. Fully charged batteries died, essential camera parts suddenly were missing from our bags, and tape recorders were mysteriously shut off when left alone. This was going to be a formidable opponent...

   After three days, we finally did get some psychic photos, and some remarkable video footage, clearly depicting globules and psychic mist. One investigator, in an upstairs bedroom, was stunned to suddenly begin hearing the sounds of holiday-like clatter from downstairs: dishes banging, multiple conversations, laughter - yet with an overwhelming feeling of sadness, as if they could only hear it, but not take part.

   We later learned that the bedridden grandmother had stayed in the very bedroom this took place in, and indeed she was not able to come down for family functions.

   Shortly after, while leaving the main house and walking down the path to the guest house, we were actually followed halfway there by a large, black humanoid form.

                                                                                                             (Phantasm PSI photo by Dave Considine)

The house photographed at night, surrounded by psychic energy and globules. Note that the curtains in the daylight picture are absent from the nighttime one, taken on the same date.

Some of the equipment used to monitor activity within the house.

                                                                                                        (Phantasm PSI photo by Barbara Considine)

Psychic mist, photographed in the sunroom. The atmosphere is so solidified, the ceiling fan is barely visible.

   Another disturbing incident took place later that night. Walking up to the main house, Dave saw what he thought was another investigator, moving slowly along the side of the house.

   "I was sure it was Barbie, same height, build, and wearing the same outfit she'd had on," he said. "She was just staring at me, and didn't say anything.

   I couldn't understand why she would have left her team partner, John, alone in the house. But when I approached her, she disappeared between the trees. I got within feet of her, and was just about to call to her, when I heard her voice on the two-way radio. I realized then it wasn't her I was looking at!"

   In the blink of an eye the figure was gone, and Dave made a hasty retreat into the house.

   So who - or what - is inhabiting that house? It's still a mystery. The family doesn't recognize any of the faces in the window photograph, and no one knows whatever became of the original builder and owner - or his black lab dog, which he was confirmed to have owned.

   The house and property have since been sold, and only time will tell if the new buyers will be the only ones to occupy it.


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