Is there something

wrong with my house?


   Before purchasing a home, it's wise to find out as much as you can about its history. Tragic deaths, suicides, and occult activities performed on the premises can attract the attention of things you would not want to share a home with.

   In fact, in Connecticut, if you specifically ask, "is this house haunted?", the seller is bound by law to tell you if it is. There have been documented legal cases where homeowners were able to get their money back after buying a house, with the seller intentionally lying about (their knowledge of) the house being haunted.

   So be persistent. Ask questions, and demand answers. How long did the last owners stay? Has this house been sold and resold numerous times? Are you aware of any deaths or tragedies that may have occurred here? Finally, "is this house haunted?"

   Most importantly, trust your instincts - if you feel uncomfortable in any room or the house in general, there's a reason.

   The older the home, the greater the chances are that it may be haunted. So ask before you buy. Or would you rather find out at 3 am, confronted by the homes other occupants?

   Read on, and see what happened when people didn't ask ...


   Note: In the cases we profile on this web site, all names have been changed. Apostrophes around names indicate that they are fictitious.

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