Spirits and People


The photos above were taken during the Christmas season and donated to us by the family. One depicts psychic mist and the other a light rod. The family told us that the father had recently passed away, and they often felt his presence in the house, especially during the holidays.

This remarkable photo illustrates a phenomena known in the medical community as 'phantom limb syndrome.' In it, a person still feels a strong psychic connection to an amputated appendage. The psychic mist nearly perfectly mimics the subject's arm.

This photo was taken by the family in the home profiled on the "Investigating a Real Haunted House" page. The globules are so densely packed together that they seem to form almost a solid veil in front of the subject.

In this photo, a psychic investigator experiences a cold spot, and a veil begins to form from the ceiling to her hand.


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