In our years of research into the realm of the paranormal we have found that animals seem to be very empathic to spiritual type activity, and sometimes turn out to be very good witnesses when investigating reports of a hauntings and infestations. Where as they are not able to tell us exactly what they see or sense, we can question their owners about how they have been acting and by their reactions to what may be in a particular place or maybe around a particular person.


Take for instance this photograph shot by our own technical director John Arel of his own Nephrititi. In it you can see what appears to be psychic energy of some sort that the animal is clearly reacting to.


In this photo taken in the 1970's, if you look to the bottom you can see what may be another dog?

In this photograph taken in the early 1920's, look closely - you will notice that where this dog's tail should be there is the defined head of another dog.

This photograph was sent to us a few years ago. It seems to be a face of some sort on the back of this family's pet. We have no comment as to it's authenticity; you be the judge.


In these two photos you see what might be this animals reaction to a presents unseen by the photographer.


There are no ghosts in this photo, but our cats Sammy and Scoopy told us they wanted a spot on the page too. So here they are, and in closing Sammy would like to say -


and request that you turn the lights out and go to the next page so they both can go back to sleep!

Phantasm Psychic Research claims no rights to any photographs that appear on this page except for the first photograph for which the owner is John Arel and the last photograph which is owned by Barbie Heid.


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